Building, building, building

  This time I’m building.   Come see what I am building. First you fly, far away into space. This place is built to last, the previous one gone at last. Gather your crew, gather your spirit and gather your strength. There are endless new borders and places to explore.     I have been […]

The Alchemists Handbook App

Our first app is finally out! Whoop!:D The Alchemists Handbook is a compendium app with as much alchemical and occult knowledge as possible. It is forever growing, and I will probably work on it for a very long time. I´ve already spent a couple of years trying to figure it out correctly… So now I […]

Alchemy and Rituals – DevBlog15

Ah, what a week of alchemy! A fun one, but an exhausting one as well! I’ve got to do a lot on The Alchemist, I and the team have had the change to meet up, and flesh out our ideas, I’ve done a lot of visible and invisible things to this site and if that […]


Happy holidays everyone, I hope you had a good time!:D   I’ve had a simple small christmas with Pia, which was nice! We ate pizza and did a micro gamejam, fun! I’ve also had several things come to fruition, in space, so here’s a little about that. First of all, I’ve made trees, flowers and […]