Magic rituals and cities – DevBlog 16

Last week, I tore it all down. All of the old city disappeared like magic with the press of a key. And from the ashes rose a new phoenix, and shed it’s concealment. Presenting a new city, made of magic. An illusion just for you!  Purple Magic I have done a lot of work on […]


I have made Postman larger! Download this weeks build here! This week I spent alot of time trying to model larger apartments for a potential city, and with that I made one new huge landmass, with the old world as smaller islands on the side. The new area is much better, with more complexity, vegetation […]


Woah! Post number 11! How did I manage to deliver so many letters of the moments..? Since “we” celebrated the tenth post with a build of Klone, last post, this post is gonna be a bit calmer. Not much new has happened, lazy days. Short post. NOPE! Not at all! I’ve made a new game! Download […]


  Hello everyone, and happy new year! On this day of execution, spirit rose one meter and stepped aside, where is it now? Time will show. And I am confident it has reunited with the original vessel, ready to take on new missions.   I’m a Blackstar. I am the great I am   Major […]


Happy holidays everyone, I hope you had a good time!:D   I’ve had a simple small christmas with Pia, which was nice! We ate pizza and did a micro gamejam, fun! I’ve also had several things come to fruition, in space, so here’s a little about that. First of all, I’ve made trees, flowers and […]


I know. I am late. The most latest I’ve ever been. Whole week went by, whoosh. But, I tried to piece togheter a little more work instead of writing this thing this week, so hey, more stuff! Also, because of lateness, and lateness because of this: I am trying my hands at writing a small […]


Damn it. I was late again. I hope you can find somewhere in your serene and shining heart to forgive me of this lazyness, dear reader. I just, I just couldn’t take my mind of… the minds of my npc… Sorry… But now I am here again to update YOU, yes, you, and only you, […]


The fifth week, and a delayed post.” *Gasp!* No DevBlog issue 5 from Pixygon this monday‽” I am sure many of you thought, so I gathered my scattered earthly remains into a pool, and here we are! What ever have you been up to this last week, you fractured pool of thought, you might ask. […]