Building, building, building

  This time I’m building.   Come see what I am building. First you fly, far away into space. This place is built to last, the previous one gone at last. Gather your crew, gather your spirit and gather your strength. There are endless new borders and places to explore.     I have been […]

Dungeon appears! And a bunch of pictures!

Hey again, long time no read! I come with a dungeon! Traps! Bosses and elements! A fiery dungeon! I‘ve been really busy making dungeons for the great one, and they are beginning to look pretty good! There is still a bunch to be added, but all the basics are now added! I’ve also optimized it […]

Magic rituals and cities – DevBlog 16

Last week, I tore it all down. All of the old city disappeared like magic with the press of a key. And from the ashes rose a new phoenix, and shed it’s concealment. Presenting a new city, made of magic. An illusion just for you!  Purple Magic I have done a lot of work on […]


I have made Postman larger! Download this weeks build here! This week I spent alot of time trying to model larger apartments for a potential city, and with that I made one new huge landmass, with the old world as smaller islands on the side. The new area is much better, with more complexity, vegetation […]


Woah! Post number 11! How did I manage to deliver so many letters of the moments..? Since “we” celebrated the tenth post with a build of Klone, last post, this post is gonna be a bit calmer. Not much new has happened, lazy days. Short post. NOPE! Not at all! I’ve made a new game! Download […]


Happy holidays everyone, I hope you had a good time!:D   I’ve had a simple small christmas with Pia, which was nice! We ate pizza and did a micro gamejam, fun! I’ve also had several things come to fruition, in space, so here’s a little about that. First of all, I’ve made trees, flowers and […]