Pixiel Survive Released on Google Play!

Pixiel Survive has just been released on the Google Play Store, our very first app is out!:D     Pixiel Survive was developed by Archiebald, while I did the music. So I’ll let him take care of this post! -Maniphesto Hello all! Pixiel Survive is a tiny 2D-platformer, that let’s you the player experience the story […]

Building, building, building

  This time I’m building.   Come see what I am building. First you fly, far away into space. This place is built to last, the previous one gone at last. Gather your crew, gather your spirit and gather your strength. There are endless new borders and places to explore.     I have been […]

Dungeon appears! And a bunch of pictures!

Hey again, long time no read! I come with a dungeon! Traps! Bosses and elements! A fiery dungeon! I‘ve been really busy making dungeons for the great one, and they are beginning to look pretty good! There is still a bunch to be added, but all the basics are now added! I’ve also optimized it […]

Alchemy and Rituals – DevBlog15

Ah, what a week of alchemy! A fun one, but an exhausting one as well! I’ve got to do a lot on The Alchemist, I and the team have had the change to meet up, and flesh out our ideas, I’ve done a lot of visible and invisible things to this site and if that […]

Global Game Jam! – DevBlog13

Global Game Jam 2016 We were in this years Global Game Jam! This is the 13th blogpost, all about the Alchemist! This is about that weekend, and the game we made. How it became what it is, and what I shall one day maybe become. Grandour. Me, Filip, Thomas and Daniel met up at NITH  Westerdals, […]


Damn it. I was late again. I hope you can find somewhere in your serene and shining heart to forgive me of this lazyness, dear reader. I just, I just couldn’t take my mind of… the minds of my npc… Sorry… But now I am here again to update YOU, yes, you, and only you, […]


The fifth week, and a delayed post.” *Gasp!* No DevBlog issue 5 from Pixygon this monday‽” I am sure many of you thought, so I gathered my scattered earthly remains into a pool, and here we are! What ever have you been up to this last week, you fractured pool of thought, you might ask. […]

Repairman – DevBlog01

I’m going to start writing a regular development blog about what I and the rest of Pixygon are doing! This is the first one, and it starts… NOW! Repairman! Repairman Woah! Long week! I’ve been quite busy working my day-time job(Which is a night-time job…) but I’ve still managed to get in a good bunch […]