The fifth week, and a delayed post.” *Gasp!* No DevBlog issue 5 from Pixygon this monday‽” I am sure many of you thought, so I gathered my scattered earthly remains into a pool, and here we are! What ever have you been up to this last week, you fractured pool of thought, you might ask. […]


Yet another week has begun, and hopefully, it will be a bit better than last week, which we can all agree had a pretty bad ending! The last week was a slow week, since I worked on very much that had to be scrapped in the process, never to be seen. But the results are […]


The third has come… Things are unraveling. Secrets are getting out. What was sealed has come out into the open. Today I will delve deeper down on Repairman, and write about how it is being formed. This game has many layers, and even more meta-layers, so let’s start from the source and see how it […]


The Earth has rotated enough times for there too be a new DevBlog, rejoice! So here it is, the second instalment in this wonerful series of blogging and devving! The first DevBlog was more of an introduction, giving a bit of a brief overview, but this time, I’m gonna write a little bit about The […]

Repairman – DevBlog01

I’m going to start writing a regular development blog about what I and the rest of Pixygon are doing! This is the first one, and it starts… NOW! Repairman! Repairman Woah! Long week! I’ve been quite busy working my day-time job(Which is a night-time job…) but I’ve still managed to get in a good bunch […]