Alchemy and Rituals – DevBlog15

Ah, what a week of alchemy! A fun one, but an exhausting one as well! I’ve got to do a lot on The Alchemist, I and the team have had the change to meet up, and flesh out our ideas, I’ve done a lot of visible and invisible things to this site and if that […]

The Alchemist 0.3 – DevBlog14

Here follows a poem about something! Read below for this weeks update of the Alchemist! A POEM FOR THE EYE As the moon ecLipses mars, and the Circles of destiny align, Hydras spEw fire from their Minds. darkness looms in Your presence and the blIssful light fadeS away. a portal maNifests befOre your feeT, inviting you […]

Global Game Jam! – DevBlog13

Global Game Jam 2016 We were in this years Global Game Jam! This is the 13th blogpost, all about the Alchemist! This is about that weekend, and the game we made. How it became what it is, and what I shall one day maybe become. Grandour. Me, Filip, Thomas and Daniel met up at NITH  Westerdals, […]


I have made Postman larger! Download this weeks build here! This week I spent alot of time trying to model larger apartments for a potential city, and with that I made one new huge landmass, with the old world as smaller islands on the side. The new area is much better, with more complexity, vegetation […]


Woah! Post number 11! How did I manage to deliver so many letters of the moments..? Since “we” celebrated the tenth post with a build of Klone, last post, this post is gonna be a bit calmer. Not much new has happened, lazy days. Short post. NOPE! Not at all! I’ve made a new game! Download […]


  Hello everyone, and happy new year! On this day of execution, spirit rose one meter and stepped aside, where is it now? Time will show. And I am confident it has reunited with the original vessel, ready to take on new missions.   I’m a Blackstar. I am the great I am   Major […]


Happy holidays everyone, I hope you had a good time!:D   I’ve had a simple small christmas with Pia, which was nice! We ate pizza and did a micro gamejam, fun! I’ve also had several things come to fruition, in space, so here’s a little about that. First of all, I’ve made trees, flowers and […]


I know. I am late. The most latest I’ve ever been. Whole week went by, whoosh. But, I tried to piece togheter a little more work instead of writing this thing this week, so hey, more stuff! Also, because of lateness, and lateness because of this: I am trying my hands at writing a small […]


Tuesday, 8th of December. The crew and I recently finished up a drawing battle with some unruly humanoids from another realm. We all got out of the it safe and sound, plus we got some nice spoils! The carcass of the slain abstractions were laid on paper, and hand-delivered to the next chain of event. […]


Damn it. I was late again. I hope you can find somewhere in your serene and shining heart to forgive me of this lazyness, dear reader. I just, I just couldn’t take my mind of… the minds of my npc… Sorry… But now I am here again to update YOU, yes, you, and only you, […]