The Powers that be are fighting. They are lying. Decieving. The Balance of the world is whirling away into nothingness, as the eagle stages a fight between it’s wings for all it’s peers to be subdued and tricked by the color and spectacle. How will it end? Who can save us from this misery? The […]

Pixiel Survive Released on Google Play!

Pixiel Survive has just been released on the Google Play Store, our very first app is out!:D     Pixiel Survive was developed by Archiebald, while I did the music. So I’ll let him take care of this post! -Maniphesto Hello all! Pixiel Survive is a tiny 2D-platformer, that let’s you the player experience the story […]

Building, building, building

  This time I’m building.   Come see what I am building. First you fly, far away into space. This place is built to last, the previous one gone at last. Gather your crew, gather your spirit and gather your strength. There are endless new borders and places to explore.     I have been […]

The day the world went away

I opened the window, and looked out. The night was calm, not too cold, and not too dark. There was something in the air. I didn’t know what, yet. I sank down into a chair, tired. My bag and jacket fell to the floor. I didn’t bother picking them up, I just went straight to […]

Dungeon appears! And a bunch of pictures!

Hey again, long time no read! I come with a dungeon! Traps! Bosses and elements! A fiery dungeon! I‘ve been really busy making dungeons for the great one, and they are beginning to look pretty good! There is still a bunch to be added, but all the basics are now added! I’ve also optimized it […]

The Alchemists Handbook App

Our first app is finally out! Whoop!:D The Alchemists Handbook is a compendium app with as much alchemical and occult knowledge as possible. It is forever growing, and I will probably work on it for a very long time. I´ve already spent a couple of years trying to figure it out correctly… So now I […]

When the sun disappears behind a cloud

Sun light If the sun you once saw shining bright suddenly disappears behind a cloud, you see how dark it all really is. The visual hallucination of light was a fraud, it´s causes not as noble as you once though they were. What do you do then? You take what you had, and add what […]

Magic rituals and cities – DevBlog 16

Last week, I tore it all down. All of the old city disappeared like magic with the press of a key. And from the ashes rose a new phoenix, and shed it’s concealment. Presenting a new city, made of magic. An illusion just for you!  Purple Magic I have done a lot of work on […]