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Music by: Maniphesto

Pixiel, the 8-bit hero! Help Pixiel grow as a being in these games! Hope you like them!:D

Pixiel is a series of 7 games developed by one guy, with the help of a girlfriend, a good friend and five musicians! The first game, Pixiel Survive is done, and the next, Pixiel Creativity is right around the corner… Watch this page to get all the info on the games!

The games feature different gameplay inspired by old retro, with a twist of the new, and a dash of the wierd. Each game will feature music from a new, norwegian musician.

If you wish to support us, beyond playing the games, consider becoming our Patreon! Right now our main pc is falling apart, and getting slower each day:(

Pixiel Red

Pixiel is new-born and weak, it needs power. Forever running from the pains of life, it dodges it’s enemies, and barely grabs enough power to stay alive for another day. Pixiel is angry and upset, with no time to think and ponder about his existence…

Released on Google Play 18.9 2016

iconPIXIEL CREATIVITYPixiel Creativity
Pixiel and its new friend Catcom, the Cat computer are out to find their luck. Maybe they’ll save someone in distress? Save the day even? Maybe they’ll upgrade and build an arsenal to explore the world? Or maybe they’ll find the peace they seek, somewhere…

Available on the Google Play Store October 2016



Available on Google Play Store October 2016




Pixiel lives.

Out now!