Pixiel Survive Released on Google Play!

Pixiel Survive has just been released on the Google Play Store, our very first app is out!:D


Pixiel Survive


Pixiel Red

Pixiel Survive was developed by Archiebald, while I did the music. So I’ll let him take care of this post!

Hello all!

Pixiel Survive is a tiny 2D-platformer, that let’s you the player experience the story of Pixiel, and how he came into this world. The game uses pixelart, and only four shades of red!


The game features seven different worlds, and twice as many enemies. There is even a boss! Or two? Also, the whole games story is written in Ydrast-script, hope you figure that one out!

We have been developing this game for about two weeks now, so it’s a super small game. But we did it! It is out there! In the coming weeks we will continue to expand upon it, and make it an even better experience!

With Pixiel Survive, we wanted to lay a small, solid foundation for a longer series of games, all made and released in a very short time. So, in the coming weeks, expect one new game per week, if we manage to keep up! We’re already well into the development of Pixiel Creativity and Pixiel Solar, we are really excited about showing you these next games too, as they release!

Pixiel Survive was inspired by endless runners, super mario and other good old 2D platformers of the early consoles. I think most of all we were inspired by Mario Land, from the Game Boy, I think that shines through a bit, and that’s awesome!

The game was developed at NightJam, held by Pixygon, hopefully you’ll see more byproducts from these sessions soon!:)

I hope you will enjoy this first game about Pixiel as much as I did developing it!

Best regards,

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