pixiel_red2The Powers that be are fighting. They are lying. Decieving. The Balance of the world is whirling away into nothingness, as the eagle stages a fight between it’s wings for all it’s peers to be subdued and tricked by the color and spectacle. How will it end? Who can save us from this misery?
The world needs more pixel Power. The world needs… Pixiel. Our tiny little hero! What does he want? Who does he fight for? What is thine purpose, oh my sweet Pixiel?


Have you lost Your way to the Secret?

Oh, if only you knew what is emerging from this pit of darkness. Is there any good left in this world or is it far too late? Which world exactly?


It is most important to know that Things are Things and Things that are Things are just Things for Things are Things and nothing but Things can be Things. Nothing seperates this thing from that thing and that is the beauty of this one thing as it soars up above all other Things in a universe of these Things and those Things. How many Things will it take before this thing becomes that thing yet again?



Save us from this one thing, Pixiel, before you become it!

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