Building, building, building


This time I’m building.


Come see what I am building. First you fly, far away into space. This place is built to last, the previous one gone at last. Gather your crew, gather your spirit and gather your strength. There are endless new borders and places to explore.




I have been building for a long time now. Recently, I built the mind of an endless cave, that builds itself, new every time. It was dark and crude at first…


But slowly the cave and it’s companions grew comfortable and started shining.


Over time there grew both stalagmites and stalactites. More crystals appeared, deep below in the pressure of the earth…


A crystal ball on a carpet. It takes you away to another place, building another sphere in a void, of stillness and serenity. But don’t look for to long, or you might just end up somewhere else…


Like at the top of a peak, gazing over the edge into the horizon,wind blowing in your face…


Look up and see the light, you are in a holy place. Don’t look behind.


The Church transforms you into a brand new self, but still remaining in an old self. The building swells and expands before your eyes, and the darkness appears.


    You escape outside, into the wild. Utilize the resources nature gives you, and start building. And connecting.

This has been a small journey of what has been done in a lot of time. It grows and expands, and it is good to watch. Now I must go, and build it somemore

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