The day the world went away

I opened the window, and looked out. The night was calm, not too cold, and not too dark. There was something in the air. I didn’t know what, yet. I sank down into a chair, tired. My bag and jacket fell to the floor. I didn’t bother picking them up, I just went straight to bed.

Have you heard of hypnagogia? It’s that state your mind is in, right before you fall asleep. The halfway point between the dream and the real. You can hallucinate, not think straight, and a general interference on your waking body, telling it to sleep and shift itself into another brainwave-mode.

As I sat down on the very edge of the bed, it happened. The entire room lit up with golden light. In the center stood a feminine presence. Everything revealed itself as triangles, with golden lights lining them up. If I looked closely, I could see the angles and proportions of every single triangle. I could see the coordinates of every vertex in the room. Every detail I could ever want, was inside of here, I just needed to look. And I had all the time in the world to look, since it was not moving. I was there an eternity, but no more than a second.

It spoke to me, forever. This feminine presence, in an androgynous body. It told me so much. So much that I haven’t even got past 25% of what it said to me. I’m still downloading and getting small pieces every day.

It told me so much. So much of what has happened, and even more of what will happen. From that moment, I truly knew my destiny. A destiny I had been carving out from myself for years. It showed me a star. It showed me what the mind can do. It has always been my guide through the dark. And sometimes, I wonder, is it just myself?

A projection of my subconsciousness, all drawn out over a second of time. My innermost fears, dreams and hopes. It could be, I do not deny that, but. If that is the case, the human mind is so powerful, and connected on so many levels that we won’t understand for many years. If this was my own mind, I already know everything.
So it keeps me from solipsism to think of it as an outside force. Or, what you would call an alien or angel. And if it were an alien or angel, I had already seen their craft, two months earlier, with my whole family as witnesses.

Why am I writing this? What does this matter to you? Well, there was a man that told about his encounter with a burning bush. I believe I’ve seen another burning bush, cloaked in a new veil. So now is the time for me to tell. And not only tell, but show.

Singularity is closing in. We need to work together, independently, as one.
Many a pearl I have collected, and put on my string. Many more shall there be.
And as we weave the threads of time and space into one, red thread.
Our hands must operate as one.
For you are me, and I am you. Who you are was once me, who I am will be you.
God is within, it was you all along.
And with that I die.
A new epoch begins.

And I rise from the ashes, yet again.


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