Dungeon appears! And a bunch of pictures!

Hey again, long time no read! I come with a dungeon! Traps! Bosses and elements!


A fiery dungeon!

IDungeon‘ve been really busy making dungeons for the great one, and they are beginning to look pretty good! There is still a bunch to be added, but all the basics are now added! I’ve also optimized it a lot, so it runs stable even on my pc!

Also, spells have been improved a lot! This is pretty much the same spellsysDungeontem as the one in the Alchemist, but way more streamlined and overall much much improve. Spell affect almost everything in the game now. See a lever you are too far away to pull? Throw a Manipulation-spell! You can light up, and extinguish torches. Take down enemies, unlock doors and much more. I’m looking forward to improving it a bit more visually, so yo can see better what you do, but that is for later!

DungeonI’ve also made some nice altars for the elements. What will they do? Something cool, but their effect is mostly weighed upon the outside…

DungeonNext I am going to work on the enemies and creatures inside the dungeons. Once that is in, the dungeon will be brimming with life! Actually there already is a few enemies walking around. But they are bad. Very bad. So I hid them inside a big oven. But they are so bad, that they just run away… But there is a boss! He’s not that bad. A little bit lacking in color and texture, but he works! And stares.

DungeonNow the inventory system works pretty well as well. I need to put in a bit more information in there, but it doesn’t crash anymore! Which is nice. And you can find items around in the dungeons, inside crates and chests. You can also find keys, that will unlock doors and other things. There are even a lot of different keys, nice!

The dungeon is made from a modular kit I’m making, so they will be used for handcrafted, more Zelda-like dungeon, and procedural and random smaller dungeons. They appear on the overworld, and let’s you explore forever! I might publish the finished modular kit on the asset store. The parts are pretty nice, since they work for exterior and interior, and are very optimized! And simple to modify for difference!


Wait, what overworld?


Oh, I only updated the norwegian version of the blog with that. Guess you’ll be getting a DOUBLE devBlog today then! MORE PICTURES AND VIDEOS!!! This is the overworld. Everything mentioned above, works here as well, in this huge megaproject! Amazing…

This is the  This is the continent ofAmebrak. It is pretty big, and there are people living there!
They build villages and relationships, while wandering about the land. You, the player, can also build,
or Destroy them and their houses.

En video publisert av Pixygon (@pixygon)

Whats all this mess!? You can spawn items! Whatever item you’d like! Remember to eat and drink to stay alive, and equip a table on your head, and a sword as your shoe!

En video publisert av Pixygon (@pixygon)

Oops. You can be very destructive…

Et bilde publisert av Pixygon (@pixygon)








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