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Our first app is finally out! Whoop!:D


The Alchemists Handbook is a compendium app with as much alchemical and occult knowledge as possible. It is forever growing, and I will probably work on it for a very long time. I´ve already spent a couple of years trying to figure it out correctly…

So now I am filling the app up with content, listening to feedback, and adjusting and making it all systematic.

This is something I´ve wanted to do for a long time, so it´s great to finally have it out there! I´ve also had use for it a lot already myself, so it´s becoming helpful!

appApp Features:

  • The tree of life, with explanation about each sephira
  • Information about the seven chakras
  • Meditation Tool
  • I-Ching, 72 spirits of Solomon, and Tarot reference guides
  • The Emerald Tablet
  • Details on the zodiac and Alchemical symbols
  • All the information presented as a big book

So there is quite a bit of information already! Right now, I am working on a new version of the main menu, enabling search in the reference guides and the book, tools for divination, more lore and symbols. And reference guides for crystals, flowers, spirits, and much more!

This week has been really fun, since I have gotten a lot of feedback already, and the app is doing okay, so I really look forward to expanding on it!:D

Other things

I´ve also been working on another “little thing”… made up of a lot of things you´ve seen before! It is working in some freakish fashion. And I guess in some ways that this little app is the manual, walkthrough, guide or whatever for that other thing. My Great Work. Maybe I´ll fix some other apps in the future, since I have a couple just lying around, almost ready to be released!

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