When the sun disappears behind a cloud

Sun light

If the sun you once saw shining bright suddenly disappears behind a cloud, you see how dark it all really is. The visual hallucination of light was a fraud, it´s causes not as noble as you once though they were.

What do you do then? You take what you had, and add what you now know. It is the law of the universe to do so. Cause and effect. Rebuild that which is broken. But how can you make it stand better, this time around? You can´t, really. But you can fix the errors that you saw in the original design, you can learn how they appeared. You can build on stone instead of sand. You can get good craftsmen, that share your intent. Maybe you will be portrayed as a villain along the way. Maybe it will take you a century to prove your worth, dead or alive. Maybe you´ll be a hero.

I want to rebuild. I want to create something new that will last forever. My bricks are made of light, my mortar is made of intent. Those above know well my goals, they are the ones who issued me this compass and straight edge.

So while I create my Great Work, my theater of life, tell me what you want rebuilt. This is not for a select few, but those that want to include and embrace the new future, and make it bright. The roles of this play are not filled yet.

So come one come all, look at this cabaret, mustering up it´s strength and awaiting in slumber. Look at it rising from where there was nothing. Invisible till it is invincible.
The future is shining forth, you only need to see it.


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