Game of Barren Wastelands and incomplete pyramids


Barren wastelands of no game? Two weeks have passed, moving onto the third. Do they know I am gone, or do they simply not care? Myself, I vote for the latter. Alas that will not bother my game. I have been where I have been and I have dug up my treasures and made my experiences. Now I just can’t conjure up the right words to be pleasing. This will do.

I have done a lot the last couple of weeks. There is much for you the willing to download, if you’d want. Some is good, some is bad, sometime the earth crushes you. Let me delve deeper into these mysteries down below.


First we have a game I call Run’N’Grind. A small game made for the android device I hear is so hip amongst the young. This game harkens back to the old days of the gameboy as it was made while I played the new old pokemon red ( <3 ) You run endlessly to the right, and if you hit an enemy you die. enter into a turn-based RPG-Fighting system! This game is all but done in system. If I can get off my ass and work a bit more with this it could be finished. Actually, you can try an Alpha of it on the PlayStore now. Audacious.


The creepy game

Watch your volume, this thing is loud and unedited!

Next up is a game that I can’t spell out the name of. Something akin to 9NIV I guess. A weird loud game with many mysteries. Too bad I can’t work further on it, since my PC is like no. Too bad, it was getting really interesting… This to is a game you can try. I would say it is quite pleasant, and extrasensory. Many nice ideas in development. You’ll need a 360-controller to play though… Try it here!
Last but not least, is space! A game you can play with your friend, sharing one controller. Fly around as The Red star or the Blue star. Blow each other up, or blow up other stuff. Watch out for the planets, they like to smash things up. There is quite a lot of fun stuff in here as well. I really like the controllers in it. It’s like a flight-stick. And you can go fast! Physics are nice as well. You’ll need a 360-controller again. Try it here!

My drawings are nice!

Have I done anything else? Yup. I ‘ve been working on a more interactive and immersive engine for dialogue. I call it Multilogue. It kinda looks like fallout or oblivion now, but it will change. It has some potential, I think.

I have done a lot more these last weeks. Much of it is throwaway test-subjects, but they are still very playable. Bits and pieces of what is me is hidden inside, and there is much important growing in them done. Hopefully you’ll try one of them, Maybe blow up your better half in space? All of these games were made in very short time, as an experiment in ideas. I’m removing clogs from these arteries of mind. Oh well. Back to work!

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