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A small fairy, windows in a shop, doors in the far distance… Behind a naked dude.


Building buildings

Building grow and slowly it appears! The buildings of the city are now different, and they have the potential to be infinitely high! The UI is slowly making a bit more sense, and the NPC’s matter a bit more! There have been a lot of optimization going on as well, so now even I with my craptop can run the game OK! I’m not quite ready to show it off properly yet, since there is a lot of halfway done things in there, and it’s pretty hard to grasp the purpose yet… But it’s coming along very nice!

I really like the two small cars in the corners!

EndlessGrinderGrinding Endlessly

Yesterday I took a small break from The Alchemist, and did a quick Endless Runner-type game. For now I call it Run’n’Grind! It’s about a trio of adventurers, running forever towards the east! It’s a simple Android game where you press the screen to jump(and again for special-move, different for each of the characters!) If you hit an enemy, you will trigger a turn-based fight, much like Pokemon! There are levels to be gained, coins to collect, and bosses to hunt down! Today I spent most of my time wrapping up the Turn-based combat-section of it, which I managed to complete! Now it’s time to juice up, and add in the different levels! I’m gonna put it up on the Play Store in two weeks, just to push myself. The systems are working smooth, and I think it will be a pleasant little game by the time I am done!EndlessGrinder2

That’s it for today, a very short blog! But now I really have to get back to polishing and cleaning the house! We’ve moved into the new place, and it’s pretty great!:D More to come next week, maybe even a small download?EndlessGrinder3EndlessGrinder4

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