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Global Game Jam 2016

We were in this years Global Game Jam! This is the 13th blogpost, all about the Alchemist! This is about that weekend, and the game we made. How it became what it is, and what I shall one day maybe become. Grandour.

This is what we delivered! Global Game Jam
This is what we delivered!

Me, Filip, Thomas and Daniel met up at NITH  Westerdals, and receieved this years theme, ritual. We brainstormed a while, and tried to come up with some awesome idea.. We had five different ideas quite early, so we decided to split up. Me and Daniel went to watch a presentation, and met up with the other people there and

The demonic magic circle!
The demonic magic circle!

talked. Meanwhile, Thomas and Filip stayed back and tried to make something of our idea. When me and Daniel returned, we found that we could morph all our ideas into one big pile of idea-gunk, so we went with that! Everyone loves gunk. We decided to make a game about an alchemist, running around a random-generated city, and let him throw rituals and spells at the people in the city, influencing them, and changing their daily, mundane rituals. We wanted to keep the graphics quite simple, so we just used whiteboxing, so Filip could focus on making a more complex magic circle. We also wanted the way the player created the spells influence the music and sound effects, so that you could “Taste the flavour of your spell”.

We quickly started working,Thomas and Daniel got some music down, I got the basic layout of the tiny world down, and started working on the player, while Filip started skething up ideas for the magic circle. At around ten in the evening we split up. I ran home and tried to get the magic circle in a working order, while Filip got done with some of the circle, Thomas and Daniel was deep inside the musicsystem, talking numbers and musical scales I’ve never heard of. We were a tiny machine of creativity. Enjoyable.

Bugs happen.
Bugs happen.

I was up until 4 am, working on the magic circle, got a couple hours of sleep, some meditation and a bunch of vitamins from Andre and headed down to work some more! I was so focused. The others arrived and work ensued. We got the idea that we could add in something like you would find in Civilization or Black and white. The npc’s of the city could gather resources based on what influence they had, and it thereby become sort of a 3rdperson real time strategy game. I liked that idea, subtly altering the environment and style of you city. Filip also begun forming some ideas for a story, but we decided to put it in later, as we wanted to perfect the gameplay-loop. Thomas and Daniel got done with the music and it was awesome! Each spell sounding different, and giving off a unique vibe. I think there are like 200,000 unique combinations or something like that. Alot. By the end of the second day, we had most everything of the gameplay in place, only polish left now…

Dawn of the final day.
I was up until 4 am, working on the magic circle, got a couple hours of sleep, some meditation and a bunch of vitamins from Andre and headed down to work some more! I was so focused. A pattern emerged. A ritual. Exciting! Whatever. It was a good feeling knowing that I mostly had to do polish, and that the core was done and bugfree! Actually, all of the development went pretty smooth. Which is always nice! Sadly Thomas and Daniel was sick the last day (I blame the pizza, they were not the only ones!), but they had delivered everything they needed, so it wasn’t a big problem! (Altough we missed their company and cried a bit because of that).
The last hour of work was intense. Very intense. I had gotten to a point were every minute could improve the game a lot. I couldn’t waste it on the wrong things. (I did waste some of it:( ) I fixed, I added, I made it stylish! Oh fuck I need to register it as well, and deliver lots of files. Five minutes left. Oh no, I must build it as well.I haven’t tested the builds. AAAGH, HOW WOULD WE MANAGE TO LIVE ON!?

Half the team, five seconds before deadline
Half the team, five seconds before deadline

It was over. The clock had run out, things were delivered(a little late). Off you go, our little collective mutantbaby-alchemist! So all of us attending met up, and showed each other our games. It was really fun to see and hear what everyone had done, and how their ideas had evolved! I’m kind of dissapointed with my effort during our presentation, as my pc effed up the sound and snapped me right out of the ritual I had planned. So instead of giving a much more alive and detailed presentation, I kinda just blurted out whatever was on screen. I don’t think I got to explain it well enough at all… Oh well, I learned a lot though!:D


The city is larger now!
The city is larger now!

Yesterday, I had a break, by which I mean I did a tutorial, while being one tired, grumpy mess. Check out Catlike Programming. That is one helluva cool cat, so just do it! Today, I continued on the Alchemist, improved some of the things I had added, and started thinking about what more I wanted out of it. I think we can expand the idea a lot, and it will fit quite nicely into most of our other games, so hey, we have a really awesome magic-system, suddenly! Thanks Global Game Jam! 10/10 would do again.


I’ve uploaded the version we delivered to the jam, and also the updated version, with a new city, more visual effects and way more snappy controls. Also monuments that boost your spell range, and more variation in the city. And Npc’s freeze up in your presence! I’m really looking forward to working more on this, and cross-implement it. It is promising!

... And the alchemist is a whole lot more sinister...
… And the alchemist is a whole lot more sinister…

So that was it for this Global Game Jam. It was awesome, and I really enjoyed working with Daniel, Thomas and Filip, and can’t wait til the next time! I think we learned and grew a lot, as individuals, and as a team, and we also got to know more awesome people! When is the next jam?:O

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for more (I think you might have a meeting with darkness coming up…)

BTW, I have a Patreon, if you wanna support me and us there, you can! Hooray! It’s also possible to donate right here if you feel inclined to do that! #IReallyNeedANewComputer

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