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Here follows a poem about something! Read below for this weeks update of the Alchemist!

TheAlchemist11 Alchemist


As the moon ecLipses mars, and the Circles of destiny align, Hydras spEw fire from their Minds. darkness looms in Your presence and the blIssful light fadeS away. a portal maNifests befOre your feeT, inviting you into another reality. a reality divided into solitude ready to be inFluenced by the fire of awakening, OR the water of sleep.


in the middle of it all you stand, eye oF the storm. crEator of chaos and dEstroyer of control. fool, you haven’t yet met the magician or heard the secrets of the priestess. felt the grace of the empress, or Bowed to an emperor. how can you become anything eLse than another hiErophant, hindrance of lovers and Mental charIots?


Develop your Strength, travel far away from here, alone, and dance upon the wheel of fortune. bring justice and make a hanged man of yourself. trick death with temperance and court the devil in his tower under the brightest star.


even the moon and the sun will bow for you in time. and when the mother and father unites, the judgement of the world is near. So prepare.

About the Alchemist

Now that you’ve read that, here is a little bit about what I did this week! I’ve done alot. I’ve added doves, that fly away when you come close, and they look like perfection! I’ve also added: More graphics! More details to the houses, improved animations, signs, lightposts, lots of stuff! I’ve updated the magic circle so it reflects it’s alignment, light or dark. Dark NPC’s will hunt you down if you prepare a ritual. Pickups! They are boring boxes right now, but they let you access the spellbook, or view the world as “Spirit” or “Soul”. You can also throw smaller spells at single npc’s too! Influence them with light or dark, and one of the elements. There is a lot of smaller fixes too, and improved stability! Now there are up to 150 npc’s running around from their houses to the gathering point. I’m already working on improving a lot more, and had a meeting with Thomas this tuesday. We discussed the music, and prepared a list of the different themes! I’m really pleased with having most of the main mechanics in the game already, so I can spend most of my time just polishing and improving, and adding more depth to the world!

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