I have made Postman larger!


Download this weeks build here!

This week I spent alot of time trying to model larger apartments for a potential city, and with that I made one new huge landmass, with the old world as smaller islands on the side. The new area is much better, with more complexity, vegetation and roads. I should do something with the road up the big mountain, but at the same time it felt a lot like an awesome roller coaster while driving at a high Postman7speed, so I’m gonna think a bit about that. I’ve modelled a big monument as well! Woah! And streetlights! Not streets yet, but they are in the works. I’m getting pretty comfortable with Blender now, and each model is a little bit better.

I did some more work on the postcar, so it drives a good bit better now, but it’s not optimal yet. It’s still a bit slippery and prone to tip over. But it’s way easier to drive around now, and that helps a good deal!

I didn’t prioritize saving of villages this time, so that isn’t added completely yet. Instead I have added an inventory and equipment-system! There is a few items you can pick up, and view in the menu. They won’t do much yet, but the system is there! Since there is items, equipment and inventory now, I updated the menu, and added
them all in there! The inventory system is pretty flexible, and is one I have been tinkering with for a good time. Now it works! I’ve made it so that I can easily adapt it into other stuff, so I will update other stuff with this. Nice!

Sunlight4The items themselves works kind of the same way as a letter does, but they have more properties, and are a bit more complex. I’ll have to add proper icons to the items, models, and eventually so you can equip clothes, and use items. I also need to make stores to buy stuff in! Also, when you deliver a package, it will contain a random item, the tought being that you will get that item if you open the parcel, instead of a letter. And you should be able to put the parcels inside the postcar, since you can only carry a few.

So I’m going to add that this week, and also try to get in weather, numbers on houses, and a better method of laying out the adresses and streets upon startup. Once that is in, complete saving should be way smoother to add.

BTW, I have a Patreon, if you wanna support me there, you can! Hooray! It’s also possible to donate right here if you feel inclined to do that! #IReallyNeedANewComputer

Anything more I did this week?



























Since you have freely explored to this depth, I give you the oppurtunity to explore further. I also made this, right alongside the apathic Postmangame.

Go deeper on a PC || Go deeper on a Mac



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