Woah! Post number 11! How did I manage to deliver so many letters of the moments..? Since “we” celebrated the tenth post with a build of Klone, last post, this post is gonna be a bit calmer. Not much new has happened, lazy days. Short post.

NOPE! Not at all! I’ve made a new game! Download it here, if you dare! This game is about a Postman, delivering snailmail. Hope you’re excited(because you better be!!)

Postman1First of all, this is not a full game, but just a little something I cooked up last week. Aaaalmost everything was made from scratch though! When you download your version, unzip it, and open the .exe or .app, depending on your version! All key commands in the game are displayed inside ” ” so you should be able to do everything. The game runs “ok” on my weakling of a computer, so I have no idea of how well it will run for you…

SPostman2o what’s the deal-io with this here game, you ask? Well, first of all, you can deliver mail! Just go to the big red building, and fill your postbag up. Then you’ll have to find the correct postboxes(or not) and drop the letters(or parcels) inside the box! If you do it right, you get experience, you can increase your Postman Rank, and you get loyalty as a Postman.

Postman Loyalty you say? What isthat good for? Well. A postman who opens and reads letters is kind of scetchy. Letters being recieved that are damaged, not a good thing. You’ve got to be an honorable postman, and not snoop in any letter. You have to deliver the mail in as nice a condition as possible, on time, no matter the weather(Okay, don’t bother looking for weather yet, that is still in the making…).

So what happens if you open and read mail? Well, first off, the letter will become damaged, and visible open, lowering the amount of xp you recieve, and lowering the postmans loyalty. The letters themselves are fantastic pieces of super-advanced writing, randomly put toghether! Collect the stamps if you’ve already damaged and read the letter! There will be better letters, and something more akin to quests soon!:)

Postman4If you have to go to any of the four(five) other villages, you can try your hand at some drunken driving on ice, or just run all the way. In any case, should you get bored by the first town, there’s always more to be explored! Maybe you’ll recognize that the blue cylinders are people you can (somewhat) interact with Or run over?

Well then, Ok. But why was this made? I wanted to create a more consistent world to explore, and try to make it feel a bit more alive and breathing. While also having a gameplay that is solid from a technical standpoint, where I can build more upon the ideas. Behind the curtains, you’ll notice that it is very close to a more regular RPG, with only fetch-quests and no fighting! I’m going a bit mPostman6ore for something like Animal Crossing, but crossed with more exploration. The postdelivery-mechanic is just a means of getting players to explore and move around in the world, but as I develop more, the delivery-mechanics will get deeper. I’ve already begun adding items, different equipment, and there is something like skills involved as well. Too bad I’ve got to fine-tune that part a bit more, before you can check it out.

Postman3Also there is saving! Almost. I managed to make it save the players progress, but the villages and npc will be reset, for now:( This is my first project where you can save and load your progress, so hooray for that! Better late than never.

Oh, and as I said the villages will reset. This is because the names of the villages, npc’s and house numbers are randomized upon start. This was so I could add new villages faster, but I have begun work on making the system way better, with streets inside villages and so on. Also there is only one owner for each house now, but I am making it possible to have several npc’s living under the same roof as families!

Postman5I guess there is tons more I could write, but there is also tons more I can program, so I’m gonna do that instead!

BTW, I set up a Patreon last week, if you wanna support me there, you can! Hooray! It’s also possible to donate right here if you feel inclined to do that! #IReallyNeedANewComputer

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