Klone8Hello everyone, and happy new year! On this day of execution, spirit rose one meter and stepped aside, where is it now? Time will show. And I am confident it has reunited with the original vessel, ready to take on new missions.


I’m a Blackstar. I am the great I am


Major Tom, good luck on your next adventure, can’t wait to hear from you again!

Klone7Now. Here I am again, maybe you noticed there was no new post last week? That’s because we competed in the Norwegian Championship of Gameplay! So from the 1. of January, until last Saturday, I and Andrè was hard at work; writing, modelling, coding and designing.Klone6 And we finished what we started!:D I am really happy with the final product, even though it might be a bit wonky, we did it! We didn’t win tough.. Moondrop did, and it was very deserved, congratulations!:D Even though our game doesn’t give you a constant rush of dopamine, it slowly builds in intensity, and to find everything you will spend about half an hour on it, so it is surprisingly long!

Klone3The theme for the competition this year was Cloning. We chose to bake it deeply into the game, and making it the only thing the player really can do, while placing the player in a story shrouded in the ethics and philosophy around cloning. To clone or not to clone. We tried to let the player explore different outcomes of cloning. What would happen if humanity chose not to clone and put it away for ever? What if we clone everything, all the time? Is there a happy middleground?

Klone9The player goes from different rooms, each room has a point of view, and depending on how much you clone yourself, you’ll see how those points of views changes and talks to you. Hope someone sees what system we’ve used for these points of view!

Klone4Andrè wrote the script, and got hold of some Voice actors who also did the music, Huge thanks to Maya Leween, Pia, Louise, Sigrid, Vegard and Aleksos for contributing and helping out so much!:D Maya is playing piano on stage 3, while Alexos did a fantastic job with the overall music and editing! Pia and Louise did some voices, Sigrid and Vegard helped with the philosophy, testing and overall awesomeness! All that voice acting and musicianship in nine days… it’s awesome!:D

Klone2I guess you wanna try it now? Ok! Here is the version we presented at the competition, unaltered, and in glorious Norwegian!

Download PC or Mac version here!

Download your version, unzip it and run the game!
(WAD/Arrows to move, Space to clone and Shift to run. Escape restarts the game, as will doing. To quit the game, trust your Alt+F4 to do the trick [or be lost forever in the fractal, clone]…)

I have a lot of unused soundrecordings, and some fixes thought out, so I might return later with a better version, and maybe I’ll add the Android version(yes, we ported it to Android as well!) later when it is a bit more optimized.

Postman1I hope you like it for what it is, and hey. Be a good postman, won’t you?

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