Happy holidays everyone, I hope you had a good time!:D


A small population!

I’ve had a simple small christmas with Pia, which was nice! We ate pizza and did a micro gamejam, fun! I’ve also had several things come to fruition, in space, so here’s a little about that.

First of all, I’ve made trees, flowers and grass spawn properly, with the ability to grow and spread, it looks pretty decent, alltough everything is a bit flat and yellow right now. But it’s coming along!:D


Macro3D23Next up, I added spawning of several humans, a goat, a couple of spaceships and a couple of fancy debug items. The humans interact better with eachother and can be male or female. Theres only one kind of man and woman right now, but that is soon to be altered! Some of them have started killing others, and that’s pretty much all they do right now
. The player can also kill them, but I hope the player finds something better to do… Like board (one of) the spaceship and fly over to another planet and talk to some aliens there! Or fire the laser at someone! Pew pew! You might recognize the spaceships from a certain movie you’ve seen lately. They were made by Kay A.
Hansen, and they look pretty slick!:D They are only there as placeholders as of now, and will not be in any final game:( Oh well!

Top Secret dishes and recipes!

I’ve also done some more to the UI and the beginning of the game, so the player will understand a bit more of what is going on and how to start the game. And I made the Food Creator! What does it do? What is it for? I think that is pretty self-explanatory!


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