The fifth week, and a delayed post.” *Gasp!* No DevBlog issue 5 from Pixygon this monday” I am sure many of you thought, so I gathered my scattered earthly remains into a pool, and here we are! What ever have you been up to this last week, you fractured pool of thought, you might ask. And to that I, this formless being, would reply, many things! So this post is going to be a bit everywhere, but that is okay for a gathered scattered earthly pool of intention and thought.

Repairman17First up! Repairman! I’ve done a bit of level design and optimization, I’ve drawn some new sprites, and worked on my doc brown spider monster. There is not very much I want to show you yet in that department, but hey, look at the fancy lights!

Macro3D6Next up! That wierd image of something! What is this? What could it ever be? To be honest. I have no idea myself. I am certain that it is something, at least.Macro3D7
It might be this other thing as well, but it clearly isn’t nothing! And  I guess that is good? No. I know it’s good, because it is awesome!! Too bad you can’t test it yet:( Oh well, there is a day for that as well.Macro3D8

And almost last but not least, we have this curiosity I dragged it out Tribe1 Tribe2from another universe, and assembled it nice and quick! Maybe you will see some more of it later, or maybe it is connected to something else? Oh, mysterious.

Finally! The last part of this varieté show… Me and my friend Andrè has been working on an app this week! We’ve come pretty far, and have a very simple prototype up and running. Today we will put in a bit more on it, and hopefully get it over to one of our phones. I hope it will be of good use for it’s target audience, and I can’t wait to test it! More on that later!

Well. That was a long post about nothing, but hopefully the images might tingle your senses, and bring you some sort of reaction. With that, I am out, and will be going back to swim in the waters of neptune! Au revoir, pixelpeople.

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