The Earth has rotated enough times for there too be a new DevBlog, rejoice! So here it is, the second instalment in this wonerful series of blogging and devving! The first DevBlog was more of an introduction, giving a bit of a brief overview, but this time, I’m gonna write a little bit about The Repairman! Like, what is up with that game? Who is this mysterious Mr. Ron Posit, and what is he trying to fix?

Repairman11Mr Ron Posit is a very positive and energetic little man, he comes from a distant planet, but he doesn’t care about that. He just wants to fix everything that needs fixing, no matter what it is. He flies around in space on his small UFO, and recieves signals from anything that is broken down, you could call it a sixth sense for fixing! But, Ron isn’t a big people’s person, so he keeps to himself, and try to stay behind the scenes. Hidden.

Repairman09But, how did the game come to be? If you read the last blog, you’ll remember how I came up with the game while drawing on the tram after work, but, did I bring my entire PCComputah aboard the tram? Is that what I do? No. If you are one of those that follow me on Instagram, you might know that I draw it on a 3DS! That gives me a lot of freedom and portability! Actually, you could say that Repairman is being developed in all of Oslo, wherever I am! I might have drawn in your backyard, for all you know!

20151030_150501I am using a DSi app called Inchworm to draw it, and if you are interested in spriteart, you should really check it out, it is quite awesome! You can even animate with it! After drawing the sprites on the 3DS, I send them directly to my PC, and go over colours in something like Paint or, before sending it to Unity!

I have also experimented to some degree on using the two KORG-apps to create the music, so I might even create some of the music on my 3DS…

Now, I am going to roll what needs rolling and continue working and fixing on the game! If my aim isn’t way off, you might get to try The Repairman in just about two weeks, but we’ll see what happens!

Right now it is time to look at UNet, woho!

Also! The Repairman is now on Made With Unity! Be sure to check that page out, as it links to many awesome games!:D

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