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I’m going to start writing a regular development blog about what I and the rest of Pixygon are doing! This is the first one, and it starts… NOW! Repairman!

Pia is playing Repairman!


Woah! Long week! I’ve been quite busy working my day-time job(Which is a night-time job…) but I’ve still managed to get in a good bunch of progress in all of my projects!:D I’ve ported Repairman to Android now, and it looks nice, so nice! With that followed a bunch of optimization and fixing, but now everything is falling into place again.  Just on my way home today I made a forklift Mr. Ron Posit can drive, along with his vehicle for getting to the spacestation, whatever that could be!


Some housing for MiniQuest!

But wait… wasn’t I just recently working on this other thing called Micro2D? What happened to that crazy adventure? Oh, it still there. Actually, most of Repairman comes from it! Repairman started out as a platform for me to tinker with 2D-lights and getting that damn 2D-visibility into the game. But I was bored on the tram home one day and drew almost all of the spritesheet, so I decided to make it into a full game!
So relax! This week I will put the advances of Repairman into Micro2D and get that up to speed again! Maybe even port it to Android, since I’ve now got a simple way to do that! I’ll also add those wonderful houses that Filip has been drawing, and a bunch of other things!

Mr Ron Posit doing his thing!

It’s gonna be awesome, so stay tuned, or whatever!
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